Art for your business

Enhance your business with art

Give your business the edge with a stunning work of art. Draw customers in with a visual tractor beam. Commission Six to create something special for you and your business.

Having a stunning work of art in your business can make an instant impact and give prospective clients the right impression of you.

Buying an original painting for the work place has several tried and tested benefits.

Well-chosen wall art will:

  • Give the right message to visiting clients
  • Create a positive working atmosphere for staff
  • Enhance brand identity and create a cohesive and professional look

In 2003, the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors made a survey of 800 people working for 32 companies that have workplace art collections.

The survey showed that workplace art enhances the work environment, evidences the company’s and community relations, and leads to networking opportunities. The right art can inspire moods such as calm and focus.


art for your home

Brighten up your home with a Six Artist original. Choose your favorite band, album cover, film scene or sports star and transform them into a center piece for your home.

The time your favourite band played your song, that heart-wrenching movie quote or when your team lifted the trophy, Six can capture those special moments and through art, transform them into an everlasting reminder of the best times in life.

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