About Six...

Six is a modern pop artist based in Manchester, UK. He creates amazing pop art paintings of cultural icons from music, film and sport as well as taking on private commissions from organisations, business and individual collectors.

His works of art hang in homes, offices, and communal spaces all over the world including, Dubai, Australia, Iceland and USA.

Hand painted & signed

Every piece Six creates is hand painted using a mixture of mediums and paints onto high quality canvas or board. Once finished to the best standards possible, Six  signs each piece with his unique and ever more sought after signature.


Six takes his inspiration for a host of musicians, actors. sports stars and of course, other great artists of our time.

These include, John Lennon and The Beatles, Radiohead, Heath Ledger, Robert DeNiro, Eric Cantona, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh and Damien Hirst.

What the collectors say

“We now own 3 amazing pieces by Six. I can’t recommend his work enough. Truly over the moon with every one.

Our visitors are always commenting on them and we cant wait to add to our collection.”

James B / Collector USA

“Absolutely brilliant, head over heels with it, thank you so much, love it.”

“Made my day, my year. Superb, thank you for everything.”

“Couldn’t be more pleased! Awesome artist who is destined for a great career!”

Private Collectors

“Six’s talent really shines through on every piece. Remarkable detail, and textured effects create wonderful works of art.”

“A collectors dream.”

“His works are our fasting selling every time.”

Gallery Owners